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        產品特點/Product features

        • 更高的設計強度標準,通過0.6Mpa, 10 萬次疲勞強度驗證;
        • Higher design strength standard,through 0.6MPA, 100,000 fatigue strength verification.
        • 安裝維保更為方便,設有多個排污取壓接口選擇;
        • More convenient to install and maintenance,multiple choice of drain and discharge pressure interface.
        • 價格更具競爭力,尤其對大型海淡和廢水回用項目;
        • Price is more competitive,especially for large sea water desalination and waste water reuse projects.
        • 優越的抗腐蝕性能,過流部件全部采用UPVC /CPVC制造;
        • Superior anti-corrosion performance,flow passage components are all made by UPVC/CPVC.
        • 大流量濾芯過濾器適用20 ", 40 ",60"大通量折疊濾芯;
        • 20",40" ,60"large fux folding filter element is suitable for this housing.
        • 端蓋采用抱箍快接的形式,拆卸方便,更換濾芯快捷方便;
        • The end cover adopts the form of quick couping,easy to remove and replace the filter element.
        • 進出水口跟殼體是一-體式, 對比玻璃鋼過濾器,玻璃鋼過濾器進出水口采用塑料接頭,與殼體連接采用機械密封,存在漏水的風險;
        • The inlet & outlet and the shell are integrated.Compared with the FRP filter, which inlet and outlet are made of plastic connector,and the mechanical seal is used for the connection of the shell,there will be a risk of leakage.

        應用領域/Application field

        • 苦咸水,海水淡化/ Brackish water,sea water desalination
        • 瓶裝水,純水再造/ Bottled water,pure water reproduction
        • 廢水,污水再回用/ Waste water,sewage reuse
        • 循環冷卻水回用/ Circulating cooling water reuse
        • 腐蝕性液體過濾I Corrosive liquid filtration
        • 泳池,水族館過濾/ Pool,aquarium filtration
        • 農藝花卉滴灌水過濾/ Agricultural flower drip rrigation water filtration

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